Best Laptop For A Real Estate Agent: An Inevitable Part Of Business

best laptop for a real estate agent

In the modern world, there is hardly any work that is done without a laptop. From a student to a software professional, from a home designer to a realtor, a laptop has become an inevitable part of everyone's life. A realtor agent has to go an extra mile doing a lot of administrative work, client visit, attending a lot of classes to constantly sharpen his skill. The best laptop for a real estate agent can be of great use to automate the work process.


Your new device will act as a virtual assistant by reminding you about the meetings, help you in making a presentation of your company's upcoming project, or saving important information about your prospective customers.

This article is a complete buying guide that has every detail of the best computer for real estate agents!

Fast Comparison Table:

Best Laptop For A Real Estate Agent

Brand / Model




HP Spectre / 2-in-1 Tablet Convertible Laptop PC

Dell XPS-Premium 2-in-1 Laptop PC

Apple MacBook Pro 15" Space Gray

Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga Touchscreen 2-in-1 Laptop

Microsoft 13.5" Surface Book 2 Laptop

  1. High resolution screen.
  2. Lightweight.
  1. Classy modern look.
  2. Long lasting battery.
  1. Works great in bright conditions.
  1. Lightweight compared to all its competitors
  1. Four versatile modes of use. New USB-C port.

What Is The Best Laptop For Real Estate Agents

If you have a laptop, you can lug it around whenever you go for field tours, you can note down the probable questions the customers would ask about the building, refer to the documents you have squeezed in the laptop as you show them the house.

This would help the real estate agents, for example, to present the details of the building digitally to better impress clients. You can stuff up all the possible questions your potential customers would ask in the form of a presentation and send it online.

There are so many laptops that provide a realtor with professional tools to assist them in their day to day life. A light weighted one would be highly recommended for agents to go for field work, perhaps duck into the nearby cafe to check their meeting schedule! A good laptop would be one with the following features:

  • High-resolution screen.
  • Lighweight.
  • Long lasting battery.

Best Laptop For A Realtor - Buying Guide

1. HP Spectre 2-in-1 Tablet Convertible Laptop PC

This amazing Tablet convertible laptop offers a wide range of operations in one simple device. These hybrid laptops have a screen size of 13.3 inches, a maximum screen resolution of 3200X1800 pixels and a minimum resolution of 2560X1440 pixel.

It comes in two different glossy color finish like natural silver and dark ash silver finish that give an elegant appearance.

This innovative 2 in 1 laptop can be conveniently connected to a Digital Pen App and can be used to

  • Take notes
  • Polish your presentation
  • Draw graphs and charts.

The laptop is lightweight as it weighs only 3.17 pounds and sits quietly in your backpack with a 3 cell 60 watt lithium-ion battery that can help your computer run continuously for 16 hours!

It also has a McAfee security software to protect your laptop from virus, theft and giving you a safe web experience.

You can use your fingerprint to unlock the computer as it has a biometric fingerprint reading system which offers increased protection to the users. It also has a built-in camera that gives users the ability to snap photos and record videos.

2. Dell XPS-Premium 2-in-1 Laptop PC

Dell XPS-Premium is another laptop that combines the functionality of a traditional laptop with the modern tablet to give maximum user satisfaction to the customers.

The 2 in 1 device have all the Apps that a laptop has, with the convenience of portability. The display hinge on both the sides helps you handle them comfortably as it can be rotated in all the directions.

It has a great 4K resolution screen and a comfy touchpad, keyboard, and its classy modern look is, indeed, a pride to one who owns it.

It has a battery that lasts longer and doesn't let you down when you are making an important presentation.

If you hook up your Dell XPS-Premium 2 in 1 laptop PC to your printer, keyboard or optical drive it will work perfectly for you thus it can be a good laptop for real estate agent!

3. Apple MacBook Pro 15" Space Gray

The speed at which these computer works is amazing as it is faster than i7 processor laptops that were introduced during the last year. The screen of this laptop works perfectly in a brighter environment as well as a dimmer environment equally. It has a 32GB RAM and 4TB flash storage. You don't need to fix the jammed key every now and then as the keys are smooth and comfortable.

The display size is 15.4 inches and the battery stays for more than 10 hours. It has a Hey Siri- virtual assistant to locate files, play songs and search images. It has a retina display and a built-in camera.

4. Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga Touchscreen 2-in-1 Laptop/Tablet

It has an Intel Core i7 processor with a speed of 2.8 GHz. It has a touchscreen keyboard that facilitates easy input of data and an attention-grabbing HDR display that makes it easy for a realtor to do his business.

It has a 512 GB memory way better than its nearest competitor Microsoft Surface Book 2 13.5" laptops. This feature helps a realtor agent to store almost every information he needs in his day to day business, make presentations and share with his potential customers.

It is lightweight compared to all its competitors and performs beyond imagination. The only negative point about this laptop is that the webcam quality is not up to the mark.

5. Microsoft 13.5" Surface Book 2 Laptop

This wonderful laptop can be moved in any direction while you are doing a presentation. You can also take out the pixel sense display to convert the laptop into a classic tablet.

It has an Intel Core i5 processor and 256 GB memory with a 13.5-inch touchscreen, USD-C port for charging the laptop.

Top Laptop Brands: 

  1. Microsoft: Microsoft is known for its Surface series like Surface Book2, Surface Pro, Surface Go. All won accolades for effective performance, Windows choice awards and best reviews. They are definitely a worth the investment.
  2. HP: HP laptops are known for its reliability, budget-friendly, absolutely high-performance hardware makes them top picks for the real estate agents. Just like Microsoft laptops, HP Specter Laptops have won Windows choice awards for its unique features
  3. DELL: The great choice it offers the customers along with the lowest price at which it is available makes it a good choice for realtors.
  4. Lenovo: The Lenovo's think Pad series is in popular demand among the customers. The eye-popping designs and the convertibility of laptop to a tablet are the attractive features of this brand.
  5. Apple: This Company offers laptops at a very low price and the new MAC Book AIr is the cheapest of all the laptops available in the market.

Things Users Have To Know Before Buying A Laptop

Is there something that the real estate agents need to know before buying a laptop for their business?

Yes, there are a number of things they need to know. Everyone knows that the best laptop for a realtor is a lightweight one with a long lasting battery as he has to go on calls to show the house to prospective customers.

Is there something more they have to consider to make it a value buy?

Yes, there are some other aspects too:

  1. Portability. When you constantly travel from one place to another a hefty laptop would be of no use. If it is a gadget that can fit into your backpack or purse, nothing like that! A laptop relatively smaller in size, having a glossy finish would be preferred by estate agents all the time.
  2. Battery life. An average laptop with a decent battery will work for 5 hours to a maximum of 6 hours. An average laptop with WIFI switched on will work only for 5 hours. But, an HP 2 in 1 tablet or Dell XPS premium works for more than 10 hours. Go for one that has a longer battery life.
  3. Weight. Realtors who are always on the move can go for lighter and smaller ones! An 11 to a 13.3-inch laptop would do the trick. A laptop which has 17" weighs 4 kg whereas an 11-inch laptop weighs only 1.5 kg only.
  4. High-quality display. Check for screen brightness and contrast ratio to choose the best one for you! A high-quality display laptop with an intrusion prevention system would be a great choice.
  5. Keyboard. The one with a good design and comfortable keyboards will make your job easier. There are many laptops that have keys that make typing a stressful work.
  6. Operating system. Windows and MAC OS are the operating systems in almost every computer or laptops. A laptop with these two Operating Systems with a great speed works best for estate agents.

I am deciding to abandon my iPad mini and iPhone and planning to get a convertible laptop for my real estate business. Which one is better?

If you are planning to buy a new one for your real estate business, you can go for products like MacBook Air or iMac. They have attractive look and are lightweight to carry all the time and anywhere you go.

Which color does HP 2-in-1 Tablet Convertible Laptop PC come? This wonderful laptop comes in two different colors like silver and ash-silver and a backlit keyboard that illuminates as you touch F5 key.

Does Apple MacBook Pro 15" Space Gray come with USB ports or cable to charge the laptop?It comes with a charging cable, of course, but not with the USB ports that have to be bought separately.

Do we need to buy pen separately or it comes with Microsoft Surface Book 2 13.5"?Yes, you have to purchase it separately.

Does the Microsoft Surface Book 2 13.5" have 3 D Resolution?
Yes. You can enjoy the best 3 D resolution on this laptop. In addition to that, it is lightweight and has upgraded software making it suitable for any professionals or for students.


Whether you run a big real estate company or a small realtor, you need to put in lots of efforts to grow or stay in the business. Staying in touch with customers and finding out new customers are the two tricks that help you stay in business.

A real estate agent has to do a myriad of functions to find out the genuine and prospective customers to convert them into potential buyers.

The realtors need a multi-functional laptop that helps you save all the documents in one place. Sometimes they need to send a previous presentation to impress customers. A lightweight convertible laptop which acts as a virtual secretary to do all the functions for him would be highly preferred.

In addition to that, the one which has a decent battery capacity, high-resolution screen, and a generous laptop with very good memory would help a realtor grow his business.

Choosing the best laptop with all functionality is a tiresome job. One can go for HP 2 in 1 tablet convertible laptop or Dell XPS-Premium 2-in-1 Laptop PC or Apple's MacBook Pro 15" Space Gray to keep in pace with the competitors.

If you are on the search of the best laptops for real estate agents these 5 amazing devices will help to locate a file, or type customers' details and share a presentation and help your business grow!