Best Laptops For Gaming Under 400 Dollars: Lenovo QuadC. Vs HP Elite

Best Laptops For Gaming Under 400 Dollars

Searching for the best laptops for gaming under 400 dollars appears not to be
realistic to a few people. It can be confusing too, because nowadays there are so many laptops available in the market, and every one of them seems to be best.


Not every one of the laptops out in the market can be justified as a gaming machine, and not every person can afford the costly gaming laptops. Therefore, we have presented to you the best available budget laptops in the market which are perfect for gaming.

So to enable you out, wehave picked top 5 best laptops under 400 dollars which will significantly reduce your work of looking for the best laptops and make sure that you'll end up purchasing the best laptop under $400 for yourself. Here we go!

Best Laptops For Gaming Under 400 Dollars

1) Lenovo Quad-Core AMD Laptop

For what reason should you play games on smaller screen size? Here is a 17-inch laptop for gaming under 400 dollars. Very powerful performances with aesthetics are the unique aspects that should motivate you to buy this laptop.

The laptop feels premium and comes with a smooth surface including for the ergonomics of the laptop!


Intel i3 Dual-core processor and Intel HD with shared graphics memory are the features of this laptop, and of course the 17.3-inch screen size. The 4GB RAM
may not be enough for late games, but rather you have the choice to upgrade the
RAM when you need to.  

The processor from Intel is the third generation processor that can do the computing without issues. 500 GB hard disk and video and audio are the other factors on this laptop.


  • Backlit keyboard
  • Good Graphics
  • Lightweight/smooth outline
  • Large screen


  • Average touch cushion
  • Slower storage drive

2) HP EliteBook Workstation Laptop

The HP EliteBook 8560w Workstation gives fabulous performance and a ravishing 1080p display in a very attractive and tough package for a gaming laptop.

The HP EliteBook 8560w is a Intel-core i7 prepared to deal with any undertaking you have its direction. This 15.6-inch notebook includes another etched design that is modern chic, and HP moves down those rough great looks with an entire 1080p HD display with a committed shading calibrator, ISV-certified AMD graphics, and support for five displays without a moment's delay.

If you need a more present-day design and better audio quality to oblige your muscle, the EliteBook 8560w is a keen decision.


  • Very solid performance
  • Rugged great looks and solidness
  • Full HD display with rich color
  • Comfortable keyboard
  • Three-year guarantee


  • Poor battery life

3) ASUS G71G-Q2 17-Inch Laptop

This is another incredible 17-inch gaming laptop under 400 dollars. What makes this laptop outstanding is its design. Many customers who have used this laptop appreciate the graphics it comes with.

The graphics card is good for bothe AAA gaming and eSports gaming in Full HD resolutions at the normal settings, and its processor is sufficiently quick to deal with video rendering and heaps of program tabs.

It looks great, as well. With an RGB-illuminated keyboard and appealing orange highlights, there's no mixing up the way that this laptop is pitched at those who love playing games, not regular customers.

There are more costly models available, yet we figure this is a standout amongst other esteem choices. Covering every one of the nuts and bolts for a gaming laptop, this is an awesome purchase.


  • Good performance
  • Good sound quality
  • Great cost
  • Ample Storage Space


  • Lower clock speed
  • Average battery life

4) HP Gaming Laptop with TouchScreen

This laptop is an immaculate and affordable desktop-substitution when we talk about power and performance. The laptop is loaded down with the most recent and updated set of highlights settling on it an ideal decision for gamers who wouldn't like to spend their fortune in purchasing a laptop.

Talking about the outline of the laptop, in spite of the fact that it isn't an extremely thin laptop available in the market, it is as yet one of the splendidly mixed one, with regards to body, weight, and ergonomics.

The laptop wears a 15.6-inch HD touchscreen display which influences playing games to like treat pound and cross street truly fun on this laptop. And it is controlled by the most recent AMD A Series processor matched with a decent 8GB of RAM.

A good point of purchasing this laptop is that its RAM can be upgraded up to 16GB to make it considerably more intense.

The laptop accompanies a 1TB of a hard drive which is sufficient to store your games and motion pictures accumulation. Extremely solid battery life and can remain energized for to 5 hours of persistent utilization, adding it to sneak into our list of best budget gaming laptops under $400.


  • HD display
  • Long life battery
  • Good processor
  • Dedicated graphics


  • Sleep mode not working properly

5) Lenovo Ideapad High Performance 110 Laptop

Lenovo is back in the market with their most recent notebook as Lenovo ideapad 110. The ideapad 110 is an intriguing variation from the Ideapad designs of the laptop as it offers great specifications at a good cost.

This laptop comes with a huge 15.6-inch lustrous display making it a decent expansive general laptop. In any case, it likewise makes it somewhat massive understudies of weight.

This budget-accommodating gaming laptop from Lenovo comes with an Intel-Core i3 processor timed at 2.3GHz and is matched with an 6GB of
RAM. Storage office is taken care of by an expansive 1TB of hard disk making it
perfect to store a not insignificant list of games.

It doesn't have an illuminated empowered keyboard yet it comes with devoted number cushion and liberally dispersed keys for comfortable writing knowledge.

On a decisive note, the internal plan of the laptop is exceptionally wonderful and feels premium. The graphics on the gadget are overseen by integrated Intel HD graphics 520 which makes this laptop equipped for taking care of realistic escalated games.

Generally, it is the considerable package for budget gamers who are hunting down best gaming laptops under 400 dollars in the market.


  • Large display
  • Good Price
  • Ample storage space


  • Average audio
  • Poor battery life

This brings our review of the best on budget gaming laptops under $400 to an end.

For many people, the budget is an issue and it can be exceptionally difficult for them to find good gaming laptops under 400 dollars. Gaming laptops are unique with regard to their performance. You don't just need to consider the way they perform now, but also warranted for a few couple of years. 

It is now clear that you have your top decision with you after going through this review of Best Gaming Laptops under 400 Dollars. They are indeed great and you should consider getting one according to your specifications. Enjoy your free time by playing games on these laptops!

Best Offer

Lenovo 17.3-inch LED-Backlight Premium Laptop

  • Large screen size
  • Lightweight
  • Backlit keyboard