Best Laptops For Streaming Movies Without Buffering

Movies have tremendous appeal to the masses all over the world and everyone loves watching them either in a movie house or in a home theatre at home. Movie streaming through high speed internet is the widely used method these days to watch movies using the best laptops for streaming movies.


Streaming Movies

"Streaming" refers to the mode of watching videos or hearing audio on a computer screen and speakers. The advantage of streaming is that the person
need not download voluminous video or audio and store the same in computer. Storage of data is a big issue and such entertainment media need not always be stored. 

With streaming, a person is able to watch or hear video and audio, but need not worry about storage. The drawback is of course, for a second time viewing or hearing of the same content, one will have to resort to streaming of the content again.

However, streaming of movies, without pause or buffering, require high internet
bandwidth. These days, bandwidths are getting enhanced with the advancement of technology and a number of countries have excellent net bandwidth. 

Equally important is to have the ability to receive and process the streamed data correctly and continuously. Good quality computer or laptop that is capable of processing and displaying the incoming data correctly and without buffering for uninterrupted movie watching experience is therefore absolutely essential.

As mentioned earlier, for best quality streaming, the content should be streamed continuously without any pause and there should be a good quality computer or laptop capable of receiving and processing the streamed data.

Key Features

Choosing the best laptops for streaming movies is not very easy. There are a number of options available, but to make a decision to choose a particular equipment require some knowledge on the essential system components.

Though there are a number of features that one should consider for buying a laptop for the main purpose of watching streaming movies, some of the most critical components to be considered are described below as the streaming quality depends on these factors:

  • Speed of Processor. Processor is the most important part, or "brain" of a laptop as this is the component that processes all the data to complete the task on hand. A good processor should be able to process voluminous data at faster speed. For streaming videos such a fast processor is essential. Therefore for quality streaming, laptop should have at least an i5 processor; i7 is a better option, but more expensive too.

  • RAM (or Random Access Memory) is another feature in laptops that allow a
    laptop to run multiple applications. As the name denotes, this is a temporary storage essential for the processor to access information. If the RAM is low
    and obviously temporary storage space is small, the laptop performance slows down drastically to unacceptable levels.  So, higher the RAM better is the performance of laptop.
  • Microphone should be of good quality that will reduce the background
    noise so as to maintain audio quality while streaming. Therefore it is necessary to consider a
    laptop that has top quality microphone. A
    good quality head set with microphone is an alternative option.
  • Cooling System Design. Movie streaming is task intensive activity for the laptop and it is possible that the continuous activity may cause the processor to overheat, leading to system problems. Therefore the laptop should have an efficient internal cooling system consisting of at least two fans which will work continuously to keep temperature down and
    thus avoid overheating. Another option is to have a laptop cooling pad to keep the laptop cool for smooth operaton. Nowadays laptops with dust free technology are available, which help keep the dust away and keep the laptop cool.
  • Battery Life. Power failure in the midst of streaming is a hazard that should be considered while buying laptop for streaming movies. Go for good
    battery life so that you are assured of uninterrupted streaming even if power fails.

Considering the above factors in mind, reviews on few laptops are presented below for consideration:

Best Laptops For Streaming Movies

1. HP K4K46UT#ABA Zbook 17.3 Inch i7 16GB

This laptop has core i7 processor with 2.8GHz speed. 16GB RAM size is quite adequate and the screen size is 17.3cms . The laptop OS is pre installed Windows 8 and has 1TB flash memory hard drive, in addition to the usual features like wireless connection.

2. Lenovo Legion Y520 Gaming Laptop

Lenovo Legion Y520 Gaming Laptop is another Core i7 laptop with 16GB RAM. Here the hard drive size is 2TB and display size is 15.6" anti-glare LED backlit full HD.

The graphic card is 4GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti giving good support for streaming movies. Other features include pre-installed Windows 10, Bluetooth, Wifi and backlit keyboard. Lenovo brand is famous and the quality of components are excellent so that one is assured of trouble free performance for many years.

3. Apple MacBook Pro 17" Laptop

Intel i7 processor, but its RAM size is 4GB (expandable up to 16 GB). It has 17 inch LED-backlit display and the hard drive is 750 GB SATA. However, its battery life is 7 hours, perhaps the highest in this range. Apple Mac OS is built in. Needles to add, Apple brand is unique and a symbol of excellent quality.

Another quality laptop from HP is the HP Envy 17t Touch screen Gaming Laptop. The processor s Intel i7 up to 3.5GHz. With 16GB DDR4 system memory, this laptop has NVDIA GeForce 950Mx Graphics card. The 17.3" diagonal display is touch-enabled and hence easy to operate. It also has Bluetooth and WLAN and comes with Windows 10 pre installed.

4. HP Envy 17t Touchscreen Gaming Laptop 17.3

Yet another quality laptop s the HP Pavilion DV7-7000. Here the processor is
3rd Gen Intel core i7. The HDD size is 750GB, and display is 17.3 inch diagonal full HD ant-glare LED backlit. This laptop has a Blu-ray player too. Other included features are Bluetooth and Intel Centrino Wireless-N 2230. The graphic card is NVIDIA GeForce, and operating system is preinstalled Windows 7.

Only a select few best laptop for watching movies and listening to music are briefly reviewed above.
There are many options available for the client in the market. All the above reviewed laptops are ideal for continuous streaming of movies and videos without interruption.


With the advancement of technology, new products with advanced features are also coming into the market and the consumer should make efforts to choose the right product as per his requirements. If in doubt, make good use of Google search to find answers to your doubts or seek the assistance of experts to avoid disappointment later.