Best Mouse for Shoulder Pain – For Heavy Computer Users

best mouse for shoulder pain

Body aches are heralds which hint at improper posture. Such aches are reversible and manageable when corrections are made. Arm ache is one such nagging pain which is caused by multiple triggers. One such trigger is excessive use of the computer which instigates what is colloquially called the ‘mouse shoulder’. Thankfully, mouse shoulder is addressed when you use the best mouse for shoulder pain.


Arm pain from using a mouse

For heavy computer users, when the arm abruptly starts to feel heavy and tingly, it’s a classic sign of ‘mouse arm’. Mouse arm is a spinoff of the classic tennis elbow which is a manifestation of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). RSI is not exclusively caused by exaggerated mouse use but by other actions which increase the load on the arm area. 

Breaking down the mouse arm

The first sign of stress from repeated use is small tears along the muscle fibers. These tears heal to restore movement. Prolonged stress caused by the same action impedes healing leading to loss of movement coupled with pain. Should such pain occur even when the arm is at rest, a new direction of movement should be introduced. Computer users who sit tensed and work are restricting their range of motion. The good news is that mouse arm, if not avoidable, is manageable. Introducing frequent breaks, light exercises, increasing dimension of the keyboard and using the right mouse minimizes the likeliness of contracting mouse arm.

Best Mouse for Shoulder Pain - Top 3 Mouse picks to reduce shoulder pain

Ergonomic mouse designs are effective in reducing shoulder pain. Here are top three picks, in no particular order.

1. J-Tech Ergonomic Vertical USB Mouse 


A fancy LED design created to accentuate unique design with an alluring glow of LED light is J-Tech Digital vertical USB mouse. The ergonomic design of the mouse effectively reduces strain on the shoulder by promoting neutral hold. Additionally the palm rest of the device is removable to suit the individual comfort needs of each user.


Made of ABS with a working voltage of 5V, the J-Tech Ergonomic Vertical USB Mouse has a power utilization of 165 mA. Possessing an impressive response rate of 125 Hz, the mouse is compatible with Windows 7/8/10/Vista/ XP/ Mac OS X and Linux. A complete user manual is dispatched with the mouse. Product dimensions are comfortable enough to fit the palm of the hand. Surprisingly, for a mouse which feels like a joystick at most times, the unit is light-weight. Popularity of the mouse design is evident from the rating it has received in the category of video games, PC gaming hardware and Gaming mice.

Customer reviews

Positive reviews are pouring in for J-Tech Ergonomic Vertical mouse. Customers who have used a J-Tech mouse in the past are pleasantly impressed with the new unique design. From the reviews, customers seem to be partial towards the wire version, although the wireless has its own list of merits. A feature that stands out is the faint blue LED lighting which can manually be turned on and off. Buy your J-Tech mouse here. 

2. Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse


For those who are looking for a mouse which is natural to hold but is flat at the same time. Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse is the perfect option. With a futuristic ergonomic design, the thumb scoop promotes neutral hold of the house. Apart from the thumb hold, the design of the Microsoft Sculpt is such that the height and angle encourage comfortable wrist positioning. Additionally, thanks to the MicrosofTrack Technology, the mouse is responsive on every surface. Being a product of Microsoft, the windows button offers one-touch access to the Start Menu.


Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse is compatible with USB 2.0 interface. The transceiver version is Microsoft 2.4 GHz, v9.0. Operating systems which are compatible with the mouse are Microsoft Windows 10, 8.1, RT 8.1, Macintosh OS X v10.7-10.9, Android 4.2 and 3.2. Wireless range of the mouse is standard 3 ft. and the range is influenced by the presence of metallic objects and positioning of the receiver and the mouse. The mouse comes with a 2 AA alkaline battery with a life of a year. 

Customer Reviews

A common sentiment among customers who’ve bought the Microsoft Ergonomic Mouse is satisfaction. Staying true to the ergonomic design, the mouse is effective in reducing sharp wrist pain associated with long-term use of a computer. A sure relief from the onset of carpal tunnel is the use of ergonomic mouse and keyboards with wide buttons and comfortable grip. Customers who’ve used the Microsoft Ergonomic mouse are pouring in accolades for its easy grip and comfortable design. The mouse is available here. 

3. 7Lucky Ergonomic Vertical Rechargeable Mouse


Vertical mouse is the latest rage in the world of computer accessories. Taking mouse deign to the next step, vertical mouse is so designed to retain the natural hand posture in order to minimize strain and promote smooth movement. Grip of vertical mouse is similar to that of shaking hands.


If you work on Windows 2000, Vista, 10, XP, Mac OS X or Linux, the vertical mouse by Anker is an attractive option. Apart from possessing a handy grip, the Anker vertical mouse is relatively light weight at 3.36 ounces. A perfect match for those computer users who tire of the regular grip, Anker brings in a fresh outlook of vertical hold. Futuristic, sleek design of the mouse combines functionality with comfort. Buttons on the mouse, despite the radicle design, are easy to access and contain three levels of sensitivity to enhance tracking.

Customer reviews

The true verdict of any product is passed by customers. The vertical mouse has created a faithful fan following for its design and utility. Anker is the latest debutant in the world of vertical mouse which was largely dominated by another brand. There clearly is a new leader now. To test out this vertical mouse, you can find it by clicking on the image.

There you have it, you have a little more information to choose the best ergonomic mouse - two vertical and one flat, but all three possessing the best confort design.