How To Choose A Good PC Gaming Headset For Awesome Audio Quality

Good PC Gaming

Being a serious gamer, you know how important a good PC gaming headset is. Leading headsets like Hyperx Cloud ii and Turtle Beach Ear Force provide awesome audio quality and will pull you deeper into multi-player games, immersing you in a full experience that you just can’t get otherwise.


They also give you a way to communicate with your fellow gamers during play to strategic or just cheer each other on. However, there are just so many options out there. Wireless headsets and dedicated wireless gaming headsets, standard headphones, headsets with virtual surround sound or Dolby surround sound, headsets with built-in sound cards and noise-cancelling microphones, and even the very latest VAR headsets to take your gaming experience to the next level.

Imagine playing top games like Locus Rift without proper gaming headphones or a headset… it just wouldn’t be the same. If you’re new to the gaming world or if you’re just ready to take it to the next level, we’re here to give you some tips on how to choose the best gaming headset for your PC. Read on to ensure every gaming session provides an awesome experience.


Your PC gaming headset should not only be comfortable initially, it should stay comfortable through hours of game play. Sometimes, lower quality headsets feel comfortable at first but start to bother you as you get deeper into game play. Uncomfortable headsets will also affect sound quality. Headsets that don’t sit on your ears the right way won’t provide you with high-quality sound.

Consider the material, too. Leather ear cups will feel soft and maybe even a little luxurious, but they may cause you to sweat which could be uncomfortable in the long run. Ear cups made of a spongier material might let your skin breathe a little more, but they won’t feel as smooth.


There are some things you can do to determine whether or not a PC gaming headset is going be comfortable in the long run. First, look at the padding. It should be thick and soft so that it cushions your ears while being able to cancel out any background noise.

The headband should be adjustable and flexible so that is can conform to the shape of your head. It shouldn’t be so tight that you feel it digging into your skull. Avoid pressure points like this because they will get very uncomfortable after hours of gaming. Get a padded one if you can because it’s bound to be more comfortable over time than a plastic one.

Lastly, consider the weight of the headset. Choose one that won’t get too heavy as your gameplay goes on. Typically, the more drivers and sound features a gaming headset has, the heavier it’s going to be. You will need to find a balance between weight and the audio features you must have in order to create a well-rounded experience.

Wired Or Wireless

Wireless headsets are great if you’re using some other gaming platform where you need to be close to a television. That said, the great thing about PC gaming is that you’re always going to be close to a power jack so wearing a wired headset isn’t a problem.

Wireless headsets

Wired headsets don’t use batteries so you’ll be able to play for hours and hours without worrying about recharging. The sound quality is also better with wired headsets because the sound isn’t traveling through Bluetooth to get to the headset and so there’s no chance of interruption.


If you’re planning to invest in a good PC gaming headset, make sure you get one that is going to last. PC gaming isn’t particularly rough, but the length of time you’ll be using your headset automatically means it will be up against some significant wear and tear.

PC gaming headset

If you’re planning to invest in a good PC gaming headset, make sure you get one that is going to last. PC gaming isn’t particularly rough, but the length of time you’ll be using your headset automatically means it will be up against some significant wear and tear.

Sound Quality

Sound quality is one of the most important features of a PC gaming headset. After all, the reason you’re getting a PC gaming headset is to get a better experience and you can’t get that without great sound. There are a few specs to look for so you can tell whether or not a gaming headset has good sound quality.

Sound Quality

Something that really high-quality headsets will have is simulated surround sound. While this isn’t a necessary feature, it will give you a superior and, quite frankly, awesome gaming experience. It will add another layer to your game and make the action sound more realistic.

High-quality headsets that have surround sound actually have multiple drivers in ear earpiece so that your ear picks up the sounds from different angles, creating the immersive effect. Being able to tell which direction a sound is coming from can actually help your game play, too, especially when playing a first person shooter.

Bass is another important feature. Powerful bass adds depth to the sound and helps bring it to life. Noise cancellation is another one of those things that’s not necessary but will make your experience all that much better. By blocking out any sound happening in the room around you, you will get a more pure and uninterrupted sound.


For any gamer who plans to play socially, a top quality microphone is a must. Most games allow you to talk with players all over the world and in order to make sure they can understand you, it is important to have a good microphone. You can avoid cracking, fading, and dead air can only be done with a good microphone.

top quality microphone

As far as microphones go, it might seem like an Omani directional one would be better because they are able to pick up noise from various directions. While this would be ideal if you were recording sound effects or something along those lines, a unidirectional microphone is actually better for gaming.

Why? Because it only picks up audio from one angle and since it’s placed directly in front of your mouth, it will provide a crisper, clearer sound so everyone you’re playing with will be able to hear precisely what you’re saying.

Things To Consider

If you keep all these things in mind, you should be able to find the best PC gaming headset for you. Remember, there’s a balance between function and comfort and both are important. There’s no point having a headset loaded with the best audio features if they’re too heavy and uncomfortable to wear.

immersive gaming

Likewise, there’s no reason to get a headset that feels like you’re wearing nothing if the sound quality is low. Finding the right mix of the two will make sure that you’ll get a truly immersive gaming experience.