Smtp2go Review: Works With Any SMTP Email Client

Based on cloud computing technology, since 2006 SmtpToGo is gaining more and more popularity in the area of email service providers. In this Smtp2go review, we will see why this software is the right alternative for every enterprise and email marketers that need a variety of email marketing purposes such as newsletters, promotion of new products and to communicate with their customers.


Smtp2Go Review: What Is Smtp2Go?

Smtp2go is an SMTP-based (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) email management software. The core purpose of this software is to send and deliver, in an automatic and programmed way, large-scale informational or advertising e-mails to people who have given their consent from any location, and track the delivery of these e-mails.

Using bulk email software is the best method to establish and promote a positive relationship in a safe and secure connection with customers and future buyers.

Sending Multiple Emails With A Regular Email Service

Sending multiple emails with Yahoo Mail or Gmail is possible. In fact, there is a large number of users who think this is the right tool for their email marketing campaigns, mainly for the ease of use of this type of webmail.

Unfortunately, standard webmails are not designed or meant for mass mailings. One of the disadvantages of sending massive emails with a standard email program is that delivery is not 100% guaranteed. Furthermore, using classic webmail applications for mass mailing has many drawbacks:

1. Limit Of Emails Per Day

If you try to send a large number of emails with your email, the provider will block your account if the amount exceeds the limit of 250 or 500 emails. For example, Gmail will block your account for 24 hours if you send more than 500 emails in a short time.

2. Risk Of Spam Reporting

Even if you do not reach the maximum number of mailings, there is the risk of being branded as a spammer. Mass mailing done via webmails such as Gmail are not processed with the authentication systems used by professional email marketing platforms. As a result, you may be reported as a spammer, and in this case, all your emails could end up in the spam box.

3. Privacy Issues

Sending an email to many addresses with a single click presents the risk of making known the list of email addresses to all recipients, and this could bring legal problems (privacy), having revealed sensible data (email and name) among all the recipients of the email list.

4. Low Personalization

Emails that include the recipient's name in the subject have a higher click rate. Not having high personalization systems (basic element in email marketing) it will be inconvenient to work with normal webmails, as well as giving an unprofessional look to your brand.

5. You Will Not Have Access To Statistics

This is one of the biggest drawbacks. Webmail such as Yahoo Mail and Gmail do not control the rate of unsubscriptions, which does not allow for an updated database. You will therefore not receive reports, statistics or data on opening rates or clicks.

Furthermore, you will not be able to analyze data after each submission, i.e., you will not receive reports, statistics or results on opening rates or clicks, without which you will not be able to create optimized campaigns.

6. Bad Reputation With Users And With Gmail

A domain gets a good reputation if it reaches a high percentage of users who open and click on emails. On the contrary, a bad reputation is generated when users who receive emails do not interact. Depending on this behavior, ratings are created, which are those that indicate the quality of senders and recipients. How are ratings created? Through ISPs and spam filters and other factors, such as:

  • Email sending frequency
  • Incorrect email addresses
  • User reports you as a spammer

What's The Solution?

Developing a massive email campaign is something that needs to be planned in detail. The essential thing in the whole process is finding the best tool for your business. Like Smtp2go, one of the best professional email marketing platforms.

Smtp2go respects the privacy, and with its quality technology, you can check if your emails are sent and if the recipients open them. Furthermore, Smtp2go provides various statistics and offers you support to resolve your doubts.

Thanks to these important functions, you can make the appropriate decisions to improve the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns. The Smtp2go email management software supports thousands of emails sent per month, which has nothing to do with sending massive emails with normal webmail.

Also, you can take advantage of the following features:

  • Email marketing templates
  • Analysis and reports of your mailings
  • A / B tests to optimize your campaigns
  • Unsubscriptions and automatic bounces management
  • Automatic sending of emails, etc.

Smtp2go carries an entirely dedicated cluster of servers hosted at ServInt, one of the fastest data networks in the USA, which ensures security and reliability, while handling outgoing emails for every business size.

The company began operations back in the year 2006, and since its introduction in the market, it has proved its thriving and great success with its span since launching.

Through its services, Smtp2go ensures that the infrastructure they use is secure and cannot be easily assessed or hacked in that is through the use of authenticated and reliable IP addresses.

Although the following information appears dull, go on! It's 8 minutes of reading with which you could solve the search for software for your campaigns.

Smtp2go Free Account

You can try Smtp2go for free and send up to 1,000 emails per month. This is the screen you will find to subscribe to their free service:

smtp2go free account screen

Smtp2go Review: Signing Up

Registration is a very easy process. In the welcome screen on, all you need to do is click the Sign UP green button at the top right side of the screen.

smtp2go signing up

After completing the registration, you can choose whether to proceed with the free account, as described above, or you can click on "See Plans & Pricing" to select the package that best suits your needs from the four options offered. You can choose a monthly or annual subscription. If you choose the yearly option, there is the advantage of having two months free.

smtp2go see plans and pricing

Buying the service allows the users extensive use and unlimited amount of emails. Smtp2go accepts all credit cards as a form of payment. Also, the company recognises international payment platforms such as PayPal and takes payment through wireless connections or money transfers such as Amazon and Alipay.

However, if you are not satisfied, there is full money back refunding after a simple customer complaint is done. Refund is only available within thirty days.

Once you have chosen the free account or the desired package, it's time to configure Smtp2go.

Smtp2go: Easy To Set Up, Easy To Optimise

The setup and the installation of Smtp2go takes approximately 2 minutes to complete. You don't need any additional software to run the application is not required.

To setup Smtp2go, you will only need to enter your SMTP details of your email client software. Their Setup Guide List will teach you the entire process.

Smtp2go can be used with any email client that employs an SMTP server:

  • Exchange Server
  • Thunderbird
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Apple Mail
  • iPhone
  • Android
  • iPad 

and other mail servers. A support team is available to answer your tickets and emails within hours, 24/7.

Smtp2go has grown very popular in the markets in a relatively very short time span. Business parties can communicate without any inbound barriers or shortcomings.

Smtp2Go Basic Settings - Video

Why Choose Smtp2Go?

Smtp2go employs a huge number of servers as a mailbox out of which a dedicated space is provided for a particular user, it uses the TCP/IP process for providing the service.

This helps the users when they are located remotely and want to access the mail services. With Smtp2go you can always have messaging services, when travelling, camping or hiking.

Smtp2go is one of the popular messaging bases for marketing, and provides users with a simple mail based service. It is functional on any computer and is compatible with most operating systems; the hardware requirements are minimal. And it supports, Windows, Mac or Linux based operating system.


Pros and Cons


  • Members can use the platform even in remote areas or areas that lack access to a network as the company can send emails even thousands of miles away as long as they have the correct information and content.
  • Using Smtp2go, companies and organizations are guaranteed of safety and security of their emails. Therefore, with the use of this SMPT service, everyone can be assured of safety and secure data transfer from their servers.
  • Lightning-fast email delivery. According to Smtp2go, emails are sent within two minutes of the request. 
  • Low cost. Smtptogo is one of the most cost-effective email marketing platforms. Especially if you don't have a very large recipient list yet, you can use SMTP services free of charge up to 1,000 mailings per month. Or, with a subscription of just $14/month, you can send up to 20,000 emails in thirty days.


  1. There is no guarantee of security as the company is technology based. Therefore, corporations and organisations are at the risk of hacking and cyber crime that can lead to loss and related risks. However, Smtp2go uses secured channels that prevent hacking or intrusion from unknown sources passes the information. 
  2. Some may find their major payment plans too expensive to afford especially for the small businesses and companies. 

Benefits of Smtp2go

This email management software comes with a lot of benefits, the most important of which is the remote access service which enables access to the service from any corner of the world. The receiver’s location does not affect them, and the sender’s mail is sent reliably.

Smtp2go provides outstanding security service. Emails are sent to the destination without security leaks while sending. Each email can be included with password and username for additional security.


Smtp2go has helped millions send emails to their customers regardless of the time and location. It supports the bulk send service by which the advertisers and businesses can send emails to all the potential customers at once.

It is functional on any computer and is compatible with most operating systems, and the hardware requirements are minimal. Smtp2go supports Windows, Mac or Linux based operating system.

What Do Online Reviews Of Smtp2Go Say?

If you decide to buy an email management software, there are two factors that you should consider: 

  • First, see how experts have evaluated that particular product, which in our case is, and read as many online reviews as possible.
  • Secondly, find out if the legit or real companies and people who have bought the software are satisfied with what it offers or not.

For example, on various social media platforms and websites, you can find several customer reviews and comments. Here are some of the many customer Smtp2go reviews that we have been able to gather.

Positive reviews:

  • The service is highly reliable. 

If you happen to be using any regular e-mail management software, then there are high chances that you could have experienced some limitations. Additionally, some of your e-mails are always getting blocked by a number of major e-mail applications, and that is because they are being sourced from your IP address.

If you were not sure of how you are going to promote your business because of such issues, as you can see, according to the Smtp2go reviews, you would not encounter such. Their service overcomes the email limitations of various ISPs, and apart from that, they provide a fantastic support service.

  • Simple configuration and ease of use

Setting up the software and for you to get going is very easy. In terms of the use of the product, the portal is a user-friendly interface, simple and clear. Even though the interface is simple, it’s very all-inclusive with options extended on domains, SMTP users, and good opportunities for the compliance audit.

  • Smtp2go acts as the second security layer

In the event that your security systems or Antivirus become compromised, there would be blocking of Outbound Spam, flagging the issue and of course protecting the reputation of the Senders/Domain. As well, it is important to note that for extra security, each email to be sent through this service can be incorporated with both username and password.

  • Excellent customer support

​According to many online reviews, the service has customer support that is always very prompt. They are able to reply to any questions asked resolving any issue raised or encountered in a timely and final manner. If you happen to face problems in regards to the setting up of the product, then the customer support will help you when contacted.

Negative reviews

  • Requires more alerting features

Some customers have noticed that sometimes massive bounces or huge amounts of emails go out or an end user generates a lot of nonsense emails. That happens in the course of a particular time frame.

This is usually a strange behavior and therefore out of the ordinary from the standard email activity. This strange activity usually ends up chewing the monthly allocation/subscription.

Online Reviews Verdict

Finally, looking at these Smtp2go reviews, you can see why the service has managed to massive appreciation from customers. If you are deciding to register to this platform, you will have a valuable tool that will help you make your email campaigns successful.


What is the difference between a free and a paid account?

The free accounts have a monthly limit of 1,000 e-mails, as well as an hourly limit of 25 e-mails. However, the time limit is removed once the sender's domain has been verified. Oppositely, there are no limits with paid accounts, whatever the package chosen.

In short, how do I send emails with Smtp2go?

After entering the Smtp2go server details in the settings of your e-mail program, for example, Yahoo Mail, you can start sending your first e-mail campaign!

I have a large mailing list, can I use Smtp2go right away?

Yes, as long as you respect the following rules (valid for lists with more than 100 recipients):

  • You must have obtained permission from your recipients to send emails. For example, lists of purchased email addresses cannot be used.
  • The lists must be updated. The lists must be recent, i.e., they must have received emails within the previous three months.
  • The option to unsubscribe from the list must be present at the bottom of each e-mail. As per regulations, recipients must be free to remove themselves from the list at any time.


The user doesn’t burn a hole in his pocket while using Smtp2go and marketers around the world have nothing but appreciation thanks to its secure and reliable service. 

Smtp2Go Review Summary

Product Name:

Product Type:




SMTP Service

$9/month (5,000 Emails) 

In conclusion, it is clear that for any company, enterprise or individual that wants a guaranteed, secure and quality service, the Smtp2go is one of the best answer to all their worries. With the guarantee of safety, quality services and price friendly, there is no doubt about it that it is one of the best options.